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Updates and Mixed Feelings

In the proverbial “ Venn diagram” housing categories “Extremely current news” on one side and “Bittersweet eventualities actually occurring” on the other… the digital release of “J Metro Deluxe Edition” on iTunes by Tate Music Group sits right in the middle.

Today I discovered, without any advance directive or forewarning from TMG, that “J Metro Deluxe Edition” was available for purchase on iTunes… A sudden lukewarm feeling came over me. When I entered a 1 album agreement with TMG to rerelease my debut album “J Metro” which was released 1/25/2011, I was assured that the Deluxe edition would be available by August or September of 2011; Fast forward to January of 2012 and suddenly my fan base is being bombarded with an onslaught of J Metro releases.  First I released the song  “President of Your Heart” as a promotional single to expose my upcoming sophomore release titled “Metropolis Saga” , then… Finally… and approximately 5 months behind schedule, TMG released the Deluxe Edition of my original album with 5 new songs, Westminster Champion, Black Widow, Guarantee, The Mission and Everywhere I Go.  The result is what has to be a confusing flurry of releases for my fans both old and new. 

I deeply apologize for this, please allow me to make it Clear.

J Metro Deluxe Edition is now available on iTunes. It is my original album featuring 5 new songs, here is the link


President of Your Heart is the Promotional Single released January 2012 from the upcoming album “Metropolis Saga”  here is the link.


Concerning the Deluxe Edition… it is 19 songs for $9.99 so… hey, you can’t beat it.

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