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Random Thoughts and updates

Yes... it's been a month lol, I'm sure you don't want to read a months worth of blog in one extremely long post/novel... so i will attempt to keep it short and promise to do better lol.

Just coming off of a trip to Fort Lauderdale with my Flag Football team... we came in third place so all around it was a great trip. Right before the trip i took the photo shoot and captured all of the images that I will need to package up my new album... everything is right on schedule... I am almost finished with the final mixes of the songs, Erik of LabLarts is working on the pictures so everything is almsot ready to be sent to be final mastered and packaged up... so excited... the album is on schedule to be out this year :-) 

President of Your Heart is doing pretty well as a promotional single for the album... I am glad for that :-) Still not sure which song will be the official first single but... spoiler alert... I am leaning towards either "Do You Know" or "Governor's Anthem"... we will see :-) 

Love you, and I'll be back soon.


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