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New Website/ New Twitter Focus/ New Show

So... Today I got my new website up and running... so excited, i love the name... thanks Gerald H. It has been an interesting few days since I released the single "President Of Your Heart" from my new album; a short period of time, but a period of time nonetheless in which I have aquired new fans, found out that some old friends need reevaluation, got a new website and found a ne focus on Twitter. I have to say... I didn't quite get the twitter thing untill a friend of mine informed me that I was using it incorrectly... I immediately went through and unfollowed nearly 300 people, I then took a look at my timeline and OMG it was like the parting of the red sea, every post was either from a person or on a topic that was of high interest to me and i immediately starting tweeting, retweeting and replying away!!!! 6 hours later I crawled into bed at approximately 4:30 in the morning.

Twitter isn't the only thing that I have found a renewed intered for. My fans who follow my show on BlogTalkRadio titled "Metropolis Countdown with J Metro" on the "Knot Your Typical Radio Talk" channel will be pleased to see that after a much needed hiatus... I have booked up my show through March... Independent Artists, start sending me your music for your chance to be featured on the show.

This has been my first ever Blog... I have to say... I kind of enjoyed it... :-)

Talk to you all again soon and most importantly... WELCOME TO THE METROPOLIS!!!

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