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Help Me Help You... And Vice Versa

To quote one of my favorite movies..." The folks atop the ladder are the ones the world adores; so boost me up my ladder kid and I'll boost you up yours"

Often times...with surprisingly consistent frequency, I am surprised by how very little independent artist do to further their own careers. I've been doing my show on Blog Talk Radio titled "Metropolis Countdown with J Metro" for almost a year now and every week... without fail, I devote an entire song to an independent artist; I am a two time billboard charting musician, an independent artist myself and most importantly my radio show has thousands of nationwide listeners per week... one would think that I would have independent artists banging down the door trying to be featured on the show and even willing to do interviews... but alas... no lol. Many episodes I resort to using my own music as the independent artist segment because not only are independent artist the apparent epitome of laziness, they are also more difficult to find than the proverbial "needle in a haystack"

I am writing this blog as a personal and sincere invitation to all independent artists to prove me wrong... All you have to do to get rotation on my nationally syndicated weekly radio show is... submit your music...

Prove me wrong... I dare you...


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