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Burkina Faso Chronicles Pt.1

On April 21st 2013 I boarded airplane with my Citizens of Metropolis Band Mates a flew from Houston Texas to Ouagadougou for the Annual Jazz A Ouaga Music Festival. The Festival was an epic experience and I want to share it with all of my friends, family and fan so that's exactly what I'm doing, beginning of course with the story of getting there. 


I was extremely anxious to board the plane in Houston, this was my first international flight and the entire trip seemed like an insurmountable never ending journey, it was after all a 26 hour trip that included a 11 hour flight from Houston to Paris, an 8 hour layover in Paris and a 6 hour plane ride from Paris to Ouagadougou. I got to the Airport in Houston three hours before my flight because my percussionist "Phillip McIntyre" stated that it was the best thing to do... needless to say I was there by myself for the first hour and a half before my keyboard player "Devan Callihan" finally arrived... and then there were two. The next hour was filled with a stark sense of worry as I wondered if the remaining crew, Phillip, Jeremy Horton, and Miguel Thornton would arrive at the airport and terminal in time to board the plane... finally they did and so began the epic journey... the 11 hour flight to Paris.


I had never experienced an 11 hour flight before and this one was certainly an experience, I was surrounded by people who were speaking to me in French as if I understood French... I didn't... and several times on the plane people told me that I had a funny accent... which to me was strange because from my perspective they were the ones with the accents.  Eventually nighttime came, it can only be described as the shortest night ever created by God, only three and a half hours of darkness, during which every one in my band managed to sleep except for myself and Miguel who was keeping company with his own entourage of newly discovered friends at the back of the plane. I walked back and forth a few times and did a bit of socializing to stretch my legs before eventually falling asleep for the remaining four hours of the flight.


When I a woke it was morning and we were landing in Paris... Paris! The five of us rushed off of the plane and directly to a taxi to get to the city, we only had 7 hours to see the sites and get back to the airport. we were able to spend about a hour at the Eiffel tower and sampled some local cuisine before heading back to the airport. The Taxi cab ride to and from the city costs us almost 180 euro... almost 40 euro each... which is... a lot of money but none of us were complaining. We got to the terminal just in time to catch our connection flight and 6 hours later we were in Ouagadougou being greeted by Mr. LaSean Brown of the U.S Embassy to Burkina Faso and Ms. Rocki, our official guide to Burkina Faso from Jazz A Ouaga.


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